Terms and Conditions

Feel free to buy this man a pint at High Paradise Farm

Entry is at your own risk

Be nice

Don't be a dick

It's not a race

Follow the Country Code

Have fun. And smile!

Remember, the route is just a recommendation. Always carry a map and make sure that you can use it. If you need a bail out option you will need a map to find it. There will be no marshalls, there will only be signage (in the form of small white arrows) on the trickiest sections. There is a bike shop at Sutton Bank, a few miles south of High Paradise Farm should you have mechanical bother or if those new shorts you bought last week are rubbing your bits. The organisers accept no responsibility for any bother you get in. Every measure possible has been taken to keep you safe, but this is mountain biking, shit happens. We will try our best to help out if need be, but don't even attempt to sue us, we have spent all our money on bikes and good times, so it's pointless! Please wear a helmet and make sure your bike is in good fettle, if you have a fault on your bike and you can't fix it, just ask and we'll give you a hand. This is not a race. Some lovely people might take photos of you for use on the website and the usual social media thing. Lycra is used at your own risk. Personally I think a nice shirt works well. Be Groovy. Smile. Enjoy!