Moors100 Entry


MoorsOneHundred Tickets

The M100 event itself is again free to enter, and our friends at High Paradise are charging just £30pp for the Saturday night party which includes camping, the best damn pizza this side of Naples, a beer on arrival and a breakfast roll (inc tea and coffee). There will be live music in the court yard on Saturday night, Alpkit and Sonder bikes will be displaying their latest gear on site and we hope to have a few of their Alpkiteers on hand with talks and a slide show in the tea room, as well as a raffle where you could win some tasty goodies! There will also be a bike wash and mechanic on hand to sort any issues with your trusty steed.

 Camping passes are pre book only and will be available here from the 15th November. There will be a limit of 250 tickets. 



Graham Ellis

Allen Boardman

Phil Nightingale
Rich Seipp
Tom Seipp

Colin Hodgson

Sam Webb

Greg Morgan

Si Jackson

Sam Walsh

Gil Montague

Pam Montague

Oliver Waterfall + 1

Harry Fletcher

Neil Phillips

Paul Ridley

Rup Hoyland

James Parkinson

Luther Edmonds + 1

Luke Young

Luke Douglas + 1

Ryan Shafi

Matt Waudby

Chris Lansley

Oliver Fletcher

Chris Gutteridge

Jonathan Dobson + 1

Paul Barker

Ross Heffernan + 1

Ann Driggers 

Richard McLane

Robert McLane

David Arbuthnott

Lois Fife

John Fife

Jo Barnes

Jack Rimmington

Alastair Macleod

John West + 1

Adam Mitchell

Callum Christie

Paul Blair

John Lunn

Oliver Taylor

Dave Winterborne
Ross Presly

Christopher Coleman-Peers

Alexander Gibson

William Taylor

Stephanie Jones-Berry + 1

Matt Erasmus + 1

Anthony Freeman

Steve Wade

Neil Stockton + 1

David Gelson

Bobby Gilbert

Lee Murfin

Steven Gregory + 1

Chris Masters

Carlos Abrahams

Chris Goodman

Rosanna Kuit

Matt Cook

Megan Devenish

David Loosmore

Christopher Barnes
Chad Bean

David Hartley

Daniel Mitchinson + 1

Peter Brown

Aleem Raza

Nick Mason + 1

Matt Hunt

Ali Grant

Martin Ellis

Nigel Leech

Graham Ashton

Ben Fjaerem

Sam Reed

Robert Whall + 1

Jason Ashworth

Simon Booth

James Deane

Nicola Harvison

Karolis Galinaitis + 1

Andrew Wrigley

Jason Wood

Stephen Waddingham

James Auty

Nigel Bathurst

Stephen Rosimus

Neil Heywood

Sam Kipling

Andy Crozier

John Wilkinson

Mike Burdon

Chris Hills

Charles Mortleman + 1

Ralph Tench

Andrew Bennett

Charlotte Jordan + 1

Andy Cousins

Gary Kirk

Greg McEwan

Gavin Wood

Richard Harrison

Andrew Wood

David Wadesmith

Mark Rugg 

Eric Harwood

Jon Abbott

Ian Cliffe

George Evans

David wood

Terry Medhurst

Jay Rutter

Nick Summerscales

Ged Crossland

Aelred Hookway

Andrew Fraser

Matthew Wex

Tom Grant

Rob Muirhead

Hugh Molyneux

Jeff Cochrane

Katarzyna Pirog

Robert Horner

Andy Wright