About MoorsOneHundred

'I have an idea....'

Do all great ideas start in a pub?

 A bunch of old riding buddies, a few too many pints and an idea formed. Most such things come to nothing, but this one stuck, and over a few years grew into the MoorsOneHundred. Maps were dusted off, lines drawn, chains oiled, routes checked, many miles ridden, tea and cake were consumed, more lines drawn, corrections made. We got lost, we fell out a bit. We laughed a lot. Three years of procrastination and several ruined maps later we are ready.

This Bike Packing Lark

It's become quite a thing over the last few years hasn't it? Thirty years ago, four Yorkshire lads set out on Raleigh Mustangs and other bike shaped junk and crossed the Moors one bank holiday weekend with no more than a sheet of plastic, some bailer twine and a weeks pocket money. It became our favorite pastime. We've been doing it on and off ever since.
Over those 30 years,  bikes have improved, the camping gear and clothing has got lighter and better, and more people have started heading out for multi day adventures. We decided that it was time to show you our beautiful North York Moors with an event of our own.

 The Moors themselves have hardly changed for yonks. It's still a wonderful place in which to lose yourself for a few days, the trails are still great, the people as welcoming as ever, the pubs, food and beers get better with every visit. Its a special mix. And we know where the best bits are hiding.

What's the plan, man?

This is true grass roots, unsupported bike packing. There are no marshals, no support truck, no organisation as such. There is just a start point, a route, an overnight halt and a finish point. We will provide you with a GPX route or a map to copy, and that's it. You have to look after yourselves. Forget health and safety planning. We have gone over the route and whilst it involves two long days of graft, it should be within the ability of most, just allow plenty of time. If you enter the event, you accept this and just get on with it. 

 We have organised camping for the Saturday night at the amazing, award winning High Paradise Farm for just £25 pp, which includes a food voucher for pizza, a breakfast and your first pint. It's a great place to stay and they will be putting on some incredible home cooked food, serving top notch beers, there will also be a camp fire, live music, certainly lots of laughter and good craic into the early hours. For those who don't want to sleep under canvas there are five rooms available around the courtyard. Further details will be available soon.